Suspended ceilings are extremely popular and have many advantages in the workplace. They create professional settings and look impressive to staff and visitors.

Access to services such as electrical wiring, lighting, fire alarm cabling and air conditioning are much easier to locate and maintain than a traditional plastered ceiling.

There are a large range of options available with suspended ceilings. Materials and products have developed massively over recent years. The range of ceilings and ceiling tiles available on the market today offer more improved lighting options, better acoustics and insulation.

PTS Internal Solutions only supply and install the best ceiling products from leading manufacturers. Ceiling tiles and ceiling products are typically manufactured from mineral fibre, glass fibre, plaster, plasterboard or metal and come with a range of installation options too.

Whether you require a lay in grid suspended ceiling or a concealed ceiling, we will advise you on the best options available to suit your requirements and provide you with sample tiles and brochures.

Certain schemes are required to comply with building regulations and must have fire resistance to specified levels. A suspended ceiling can form part of a building’s fire protection and must be correctly specified, designed and installed to the manufacturer’s requirements.

We offer a free site inspection service where we will advise you on the best solution and options available for your project. We also provide a free quotation service to carry out any works.

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Advantages of installing a suspended ceiling: